Adamowice, Frencis T. Cromwell, CT
Ashbaker, Emil R. Galesburg, IL
Blum, Albert R. Capt Albeny, NY
Braddock, Elton H. Northfield, NJ
Braley, Alfred Bellwood, IL
Ballin, Irwin C. New York, NY
Barlage, Paul J. Ft. Loramie, OH
Craw, John C. Mason City, IA
Cronin, Robert F. Chicago, IL
Difede, Frank Brooklyn, NY
Delorenzo, Michael C. Nagelton, PA
Fasulo, Francis C. Jersey City, NJ
Flibbert, Fred C. South Gate, CA
Fine, Sanford Roxbury, MA
Hawkins, james E, Grossepoint, MI
Kleven, John D. Delavan, WI
Langner, Ernest H. Jr. Huntington Park, CA
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Marotto, Peter A. Monterey, CA
McCarthy, Donald J. Cleveland, OH
McClellan, robert L. Indianapolis, IN
Nelms, L. D. Madisonville, TX
Penney, Floyd W. Newburgh, NY
Phillips, W. D. (Dave) Fresno, CA
Reinhardt, Helmut R. (Dick) Burlington, WI
Rice, Edward A. Bell, CA
Roze, Ralph R. Omaha, NE
Saul, Loyd W. Salem, OR
Scott Rolland L. Mobile, AL
Smith Gordon D. Goddland, KS
Theurer, Glen L. Portland, IN
Weasmer, James B. Mogwokita, IA
Wenzl, Joseph A. Omaha, NE
Woodard, Richard C. Newcastle, PA
507th Signal Service Company Headquarters Compound of the 520th Signal Base Depot, Korean Base Section 1952 Photo Helmut Reinhardt
The entrance to the 507th Singal Service Co. Hq Compound The Quonset Hut seen in the view served as the quarters for the then Commanding Officer
1952 Photo Helmut Reinhardt
The 507th Signal Service Company, 520th Signal Base Depot, Pusan, Korea, operated the Pusan Telephone Exchange located in downtown Pusan.
1952 Photo Helmut Reinhardt
Pusan 1952 top the signs were intended to welcome Gen. Eisenhower if he were to visit as President-elect. 
Bottom bunker in 507th Signal compound photo Helmut Reinhardt
Top Chowtime at 507th Signal Service Co. Hq Compound, Pusan, Korea, 1952. Must have been a nice day to eat out-of-doors. Bottom truck coming into compound driver unknown. photo Helmut Reinhardt

Act'g First Sergeant Helmut R (Dick) Reinhardt, 507th Signal Service Co., Pusan Korea, receiving a prize after entering Korean Base Section Foto Contest. The prize included a few days R&R in Japan. Days to remember! 1952 Photo Helmut Reinhardt

Company Clerk of the 507th Signal Service Co., Pusan, Korea. Sgt. W.D.(Dave) Phillips of Fresno, Calif. is all smiles knowing he will soon be home again. Mid-1952. Photo Helmut Reinhardt
Cattel auction in Pusan 1952 no fatties here. Photo Helmut Reinhardt
DDT Charlie is taking dead aim at the Latrine Bildg of the 507th Signal Service Co. Hq Compound in Pusan, Korea, 1952. As the Building had "Open Ventilation" (no windows), any fellow unable to get off the pot in timely fashion received a nice dusting of the white powder called DDT. When he was this close it was too late to get off the pot. Photo Helmut Reinhardt

Papasan striding purposefully down the road. Outskirts of Pusan, Korea 1952. Photo Helmut Reinhardt
These people were gearing up to harvest seaweeds and other aquatic resources somewhere along the waterfront, Pusan, Korea,
1952 Photo Helmut Reinhardt
Kindergarten on a fieldtrip trying to navigate the streets of Pusan, Korea, 1952 Photo Helmut Reinhardt

Thanks to Helmut Reinhardt for making this page posible
Papasan, watching from outside the Hq Compound of the 507th Signal Service Co, Pusan, Korea 1952 photo Helmut Reinhardt
A hard day's work, a heavy load. Korean broom-maker returning home - Pusan, Korea - 1952 photo Helmut Reinhardt